Call for Stories

New! The Call for Stories submission deadline is May 5th, 2014.

Completing a Story Submission Form takes only 1-2 hours. In May 2014, Regional Story Review Teams, will identify the  submissions invited to the Story Development Phase. The support of a professional writer/storyteller will be provided to develop the submissions into an engaging story for publication during EvalYear 2015.

All other submissions will receive information and guidelines to develop their own engaging story. The Evaluation Stories Project is searching for a suitable online venue for sharing ALL evaluation stories.

Download the ‘Call for Stories’ and ‘Story Submission Form‘ below.

Call For Stories                                                  Story Submission Form_EN

Convocatoria_Historias de Evaluación           Formulario_Historias-de-Evaluación

Appel_soumission de récits                               Formulaire_soumission-de-récits

Konkurs na Opowieści

Due to resource constraints, we can only accept Story Submission Forms in English, Spanish or French. However, there is no penalty for grammar or spelling mistakes for non-native English, Spanish or French speakers. We encourage submissions from across the globe. Thank you for your understanding!

Questions? Connect with the Evaluation Stories Coordinator:

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