Preview of evaluation story submission #3

In the lead-up to EvalYear 2015 we will preview each of the 10 submissions selected from our International Call for Evaluations that Make a Difference. A different preview will be posted every few days and in random order.

Today’s submission is from Canada and describes the evaluation of the Patient Wait-times Guarantee project in a remote, First Nation (i.e. Aboriginal) community. The project aimed to involve the community in collecting local data to monitor wait times for prenatal care and diabetes. However, once the community was empowered to collect and interpret their own data, so much more was accomplished!

Through local data collection and participatory evaluation processes, First Nations communities involved in the project gained confidence and skills in asking questions and collecting, analyzing and interpreting data in order to understand and respond more effectively to the health needs of their population. In at least one community this resulted in earlier identification of gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia with the potential to reduce morbidity and mortality among pregnant women and newborns.

Evaluation was incorporated into this project from the start. Also, from the start, the project was developed through an equal and respectful partnership between Health Canada and the Assembly of First Nations.

To learn more about how and why this evaluation ‘made a difference’ you can download the original submission: Patient-wait-time-guarantees-in-First-Nation-communities_Canada.

All 10 submissions are currently being developed into engaging stories and will be published in English, Spanish and French during EvalYear 2015.


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