Are you only looking for stories about ‘earth-shattering’ evaluations?

Here’s another question posed to the Evaluation Stories Team: I am involved in small-scale evaluations that produce evidence that has been used to add  value to program improvement and management, but you seem to be looking for earthshattering evaluations. In my experience it is more about small baby steps.

Rochelle Zorzi, Co-Chair of the Evaluation Stories Project responds:  We aren’t necessarily looking for earthshattering evaluations; just evaluations that have had some impact beyond changes to the program. So did those “baby steps” lead to improvements in people’s experiences with the program (e.g., more equitable access to the program, more likely to complete it, better outcomes, etc.)? If so, then you have a potential story!

Keep those questions coming!

There are 14 days left until the April 15th Story Submission Deadline.


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