Top Five Reasons to Submit an Evaluation Story

We are delighted with the interest and excitement the Evaluation Stories Project is generating across the Globe. The Call for Evaluation Stories remains open until April 15, 2014.

So, you may be thinking, with so many competing priorities, deliverables and deadlines, should I spend the 2 – 4 hours needed to put together a good submission? After all, it sounds like a nice idea, but what’s in it for me?

Here are my TOP FIVE reasons to submit.

1.      Pride in your work – This project provides an opportunity to showcase your best work. It is your chance to show the world how you have used evaluation to enhance your impact.

2.      International profile – This is an international project, so it is a chance for other people around the world to learn about your organization and what you are working to accomplish. Your story could catch the eye of potential collaborators, funders, clients, etc.

3.      You’ll have a compelling story to share with stakeholders or to present at conferences –You can share your evaluation story via newsletters, websites or annual reports. It can be shared at conferences, meetings and workshops. You can use it to show your stakeholders how wisely you are using funds, or how effective your organization is.

4.      We will help you develop your submission into an engaging story – If your story is selected, we’ll provide you with guidance and support to develop it into an effective and engaging communications piece. You don’t need to be an effective story-teller to participate. These are skills you will learn.

5.      Learning from the process – Whether or not your submission is selected, you can gain valuable insights about evaluation use, evaluation influence and evaluation story-telling simply by completing an Evaluation Story Submission Form. Furthermore, all submissions will receive recognition through our roster of evaluation story submissions, to be posted to our website.

What are your reasons for completing a Story Submission Form? Please share your comments below. Cheers!

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