Story Selection Criteria

If you hope your submission will be selected to participate in the Story Development Phase and  be profiled in our International Collection of Evaluations that Make a Difference, then you will want to pay close attention to how submissions will be assessed.

Below is a summary of the rated criteria dimensions.

Rated Criteria and Dimensions

1.  Evaluation Acceptability (5 points)

Evidence that:

  • The evaluation design was appropriate given the types of decisions being made.
  • Data collection was systematic and unbiased.
  • Ethical issues were identified and appropriately addressed.

2.  Evaluation Impact (10 points)   NOTE: This is NOT the same as program impact

Evidence that:

  • Evaluation findings were used.
  • Evaluation use led to the identified changes in programs, policies, organizations and/or systems.
  • Identified changes had a predominantly positive impact on people’s lives (i.e. contributed to social betterment).
  • The positive impact attributed to evaluation use would not have otherwise occurred.

3.  Impact Enablers (5 points):

  • Clear description of factors that contributed to evaluation influence and evaluation impact.
  • Useful insights about enablers of evaluation impact that could be of value to other evaluation stakeholders.

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