Measuring the value of an evaluation

Organizations, governments, schools and businesses invest considerable time and resources into evaluation. The benefits of this investment have generally been assumed but seldom measured. Evaluators would say that an evaluation is worthwhile provided it is well-designed and the findings are used. Thus, much attention and effort has been focused on enhancing  evaluation use. More recently, the capacity-building benefits of participating in evaluation activities are recognized and promoted.

But, apart from the (nonetheless important) markers of usage and capacity-building, scant attention is paid to examining the actual outcomes and impacts of an evaluation. As a result, little is known about what makes an evaluation valuable.

Are you aware of a worthwhile evaluation?

  • What were some of the benefits or impacts that resulted from the evaluation?
  • What do you think were some of the factors that contributed to the valuable outcomes of the evaluation

An international ‘Call for Evaluation Story Submissions’ will be released in January 2014. Contact us for more information.


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One response to “Measuring the value of an evaluation

  1. Cecilia

    Me parece excelente usar el poder de las historias en los procesos de evaluación, porque recogen elementos cualitativos que justamente son los que generan los cambios en los resultados – o los limitan o los favorecen – y además las historias facilitan especialmente el recojo de percepciones en un mundo rural.

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